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Lal Bagh

The well-known Lal Bagh, which translates as ‘Red Garden’ is a popular botanical garden located in the southern section of Bangalore. This attractive park was constructed under the decree of the monarch of Mysore, Hyder Ali and was completed during the rule of his son and successor Tipu Sultan. Interestingly Lal Bagh is thought to have been modelled on the Mughal Garden which at one time stood proudly in Sira, a location which was once part of the Mughal Empire.

Lal Bagh is considered noteworthy for featuring an excellent glass house where a yearly flower exhibition is held. The garden is also renowned for containing the most extensive selection of tropical plants in India. It also features a lake as well as an aquarium, and is recognized as one of Bangalore’s foremost visitor attractions.

Lal Bagh extends over a vast extent of no less than 240 acres, making it without question one of the major botanical attractions in the subcontinent. Its most significant flower show is conducted on January 26th, or Republic Day; a number of other floral exhibitions are also held at this venue.

In total the visitor will find more than 1,000 varieties of flora here, including some trees which are more than a century old. One of the garden’s most esteemed exhibits is some unusual varieties of plants which were brought over from Afghanistan, Persia and France. The garden displays aesthetic beauty, having been landscaped with elements such as flowerbeds, lawns, fountains and lotus pools. Many of the exhibits are labelled for convenient identification. The visitor will see that a tower constructed by the founder of the city, Kempe Gowda is located within the garden. Another significant attraction at this site is the fascinating Lal Bagh Rock, which is an ancient rock formation considered to be amongst the oldest on the globe.

Another noteworthy attraction which will draw the interest of the visitor is the folk fair which is conducted at the gardens on the second as well as the fourth weekend of each month. At this event you will be able to see local folk music, dance and plays.

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