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Kokkilai Bird Sanctuary

The tropical island of Sri Lanka holds many wonders in terms of natural beauty, ranging from rainforests to resorts such as Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes. Following a drawn-out civil war, the country is only now managing to truly discover the wonders that are contained in Sri Lanka’s Northern section. Of recent times, various sections have been converted into National Parks and Sanctuaries, and when it comes to the latter, one of the finest examples is the Kokkilai Bird Sanctuary.

The bird sanctuary should definitely one of the top places to visit in Trincomalee, since it’s close proximity to the immensely popular beach-bound port-city of Sri Lanka.
The Kokkilai Bird Sanctuary was developed by the administrative district in the province of Mullaitivu along with the United Nations Development Programme, and was recently extended to include the panoramic nearby Nai Aru Lagoon. The lagoon is a mangrove swamp that is teeming with bird-life such as ducks, gulls, and various shore-birds. The thick rainforest surroundings prove to be a perfect habitat and sanctuary for these exotic birds.
The Kokkilai Bird Sanctuary as a whole contains a diverse host of bird species, with some cameo-appearances from other animal species such as Elephants. One species found in abundance in the bird sanctuary is the Commorant, one of the most symbolic birds in the world. The Commorant has been used by famed author John Milton as a holy symbol due to their wing-drying pose resembling a crucifix, and the bird was also used as a guise by Satan as he spied over Adam and Eve.
Additionally, the park plays sanctuary to ducks, flamingos, herons, pelicans and much more. It is a true bird-watcher’s paradise so if you ever find yourself in Sri Lanka, be sure to visit this incredible locale.

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