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Kobar Island

Kuwait awakens a new vision of the Middle East. It is a budding blossom that is unearthing treasures from a land that is still a secret for many. For decades, it has only been known as a mere nation in the Middle East where families relocate for better fortunes, so much like many of the other Middle Eastern nations. Like the well established stretch of the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar not far behind, Kuwait too is stretching its wings and gaining momentum to soar in the sky. The two primary catalysts aiding its journey skyward are its diverse man power and the many bounties from nature.

Among nature’s finest spectacles is the renowned Kobar Island, a rather small island located in close proximity to Fahalel. It can easily be accessed from this point or from Adudhal Harbour by chalet. The Kobar Island is the quiet getaway that gives the nation of Kuwait its pride in scenic locations. The island is nothing short of spectacular and is unspoiled in every way. The grainy crystal sands and the sparkling blue waters make the beaches on the island oh so tempting. Once you delve in, coming out requires some strong will power!

The water has fantastic visibility, and snorkeling in this location is your ticket to a spectacular marine life show in the Middle East. The Arabian heat is a fact well known, but Kobar Island’s cool surrounding waters gives one the perfect setting to cool down in. Away from the city, the island has a quiet charm and an unconventional feel; so don’t feel shy, bring out your wildest spirit and enjoy a carefree day out at Kobar Island.

There are several charter stores where you can rent a yacht or a speed boat. This is the best way to get to the island and enjoy the array of relaxing opportunities in store. After an adventurous day out at the island, a popular Kuwait Resort to come home to is the Al-Jahra Copthorne Hotel & Resort. Known for its impeccable standards, it is one of the finest Kuwait hotels and is an ideal location for leisure and business travellers to the region.