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Kintamani Volcano Tour: a home away from the sea

Villages steeped in tradition, a 30,000 year old volcano, appealing habitation and simple lifestyles are all on offer if you plan on taking a tour of Kintamani Volcano. The surroundings, when captured on camera are astoundingly beautiful but even more so when seen with your naked eye. A Bali Gold Resort that is definitely worth a visit is, Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa. A visit to the resort is valuable because it holds the promise of a tour to the volcano and the areas surrounding it.

The volcano is an aged beauty which draws its exquisiteness from Lake Batur and Mount Batur, who in true neighborliness lend their splendor to the surroundings of Kintamani Volcano. Trek through these mountainous areas and cycle around its twisted paths, as you capture the magnificent landscapes. A tour of Kintamani Volcano is an impressive package of trekking, cycling and even dolphin tours.

Nourished by the rich volcanic soil in the area, vegetables, fruits and coffee beans grow bountifully. The produce in the area is organic, which is in keeping with the global need for a greener tomorrow. Walk around in Sekardadi village and enjoy the fruits of the villagers’ labour. Sample, enjoy and take some of these products all the way home!

Intense emotions and themes applicable to universal phenomena are conveyed through the barong dance. This traditional dance is staged in the village of Batubulan. The performance sheds light on traditional forms of entertainment in the area. Even though the method of dance would require an in depth study of movement and technique, being part of a performance of this nature, would make you feel part of the society. Deepen your understanding of their culture by also spending time observing the stone carvings and ornate temples in the village. A tour of Kintamani Volcano is certainly a multi-dimensional adventure.

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