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Kayaking in Tioman -Paddling Away in Paradise

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Kayaking | Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Lying off the east coast of Malaysian peninsular, the stunning island of Tioman is a vacationer’s paradise with its many attractions and things to do. Kayaking is one of these.

Beginner or Pro?

It doesn’t matter as kayaking is as easy as pie! Excepting during the monsoon season which extends from late November to late February; Tioman is a haven for kayaking with its calm waters. You have the choice of either going on an adventurous kayaking expedition or just trying it out by the beach at your hotel in Tioman Island. The distances vary depending on your level of skill. But, don’t worry most of the hotels like Berjaya Tioman Resort Malaysia or even the diving centres; will have an instructor who will carefully take you through the steps of mastering kayaking. Once you’ve used to it, it’ll be quite a smooth ride as most of the kayaks available here are stable and comfortable.


For a truly memorable kayaking experience head over to the beautiful island of Pulau Renggis. This is said to be the ultimate destination for snorkelling in Tioman but kayaking is quite a breathtaking experience as well. The reason why it’s so popular is that the waters around the island are really shallow, crystal clear and teeming with fish of many colors and sizes. So if by any chance you tip and fall into the waters, you can make some new friends! LOL If you’re in luck, you’ll be able to meet some of the famous turtles who call Pulau Renggis their home like Fred and Dolly.

What to Bring

Before going on an kayaking adventure, don’t forget to take with you a pair of flippers, a mask, some snacks and of course, the kayak! 😀

Fishing anyone?

After a long day of kayaking, you’re bound to become ravenous. So why not catch your dinner while you’re on your kayaking trip? The waters surrounding Tioman has a no-angling zone but if you want to fish, you will be taken about 2 miles off-shore with kayaks and everything to fish! After all, that’s where all the big catches like giant sharks are anyways right? Just kidding! You’re the only one that’ll be hunting. However, to go kayaking in such deep waters, you must be a pro kayaker.


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