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Interesting facts about the Kalahari Desert – Magical moments on Kalahari

Exploring the Kalahari Desert is simply a magical experience. The main reason is that it’s unique in its features and travellers can’t feel the same enjoyment at any other desert in the world.

Ragnhild&Neil Crawford from Sweden, Otoptera burchellii-0792 – Flickr – Ragnhild & Neil Crawford, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Okavango River runs through here

Did you know that Papa Falls- one of the most favourite attractions among guests holidaying at Botswana resorts is a part of the Okavango River? This river is considered the 04th longest river in the world and it runs through the Kalahari Desert.

There is a higher rainfall

Bringing in good news for everyone hoping to visit the desert during their stays at hotels such as Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino, there is the hope of rain here! Yes, it’s strange, but this desert receives 5-10 inches of rainfall every year.

There is a rich plant life

Particularly in the Northern parts of the desert, the plant life is rich. This is because of the special feature in the desert soil as it can retain water much better than the other desert soils.

The dunes have a permanent landscape

If you have ever visited the Namib Desert, you must have noticed that its sand dunes are shifting with the wind. But, the Kalahari dunes do not change and their shapes are more or less static.