Hiking in Langkawi

For outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy a little quiet time in the great outdoors to commune with nature, Langkawi is the perfect place to let your inner tree-hugger run wild. Make sure you secure accommodation that is also nature-friendly at a stylish Langkawi beach resort, and the choices are limitless. One possible option of a 5 star hotel in Langkawi can be discovered at the Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa, an ideal option to host your getaway into the lush Malaysian wilderness. A hiker’s paradise will be discovered along the winding paths of the area’s highest mountains, Gunung Raya and Mount Mat Cincang. The Gunung Raya area boasts an immense expanse of around 5,000 hectares, more than ample ground in which get to work your hikers’ feet off to the limit of endurance. You’ll be absolutely enchanted and transported to another era at the foot paths and trails that meander around the island, as they are home to gigantic trees that are centuries, if not millennia, old, shaded by a large and graceful canopies over head. You will also encounter an immensely vibrant array of local wildlife and flora to grace your digital camera. Avian enthusiasts will marvel at over 230 bird species dotting the forest range, flanked by over 400 species of tree. A wonderful trek can be found at the Lubuk Semilag Park in Gunung Raya and the reverse, started from the peak is a little easier to handle. Mount Mat Cincang’s trail starts at the Pantai Kok enclave, which will take you through some amazing settings as it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage geoparks collection. Trekkers and hikers are advised to secure the services of an experienced guide, as there have been reports of hikers who have gotten lost en route.

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