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Hike to the highest mountain on Tioman

Mount Kajang, locally known as Gunung Kajang, is the highest mountain peak in the whole of Tioman Island. An extinct volcano, the very top of the mountain lies in between the clouds. Here’s a bit more information for you!


The mountain towers over 1038 meters high and are not only the highest mountain in just Tioman but the highest in the whole of Malaysia’s East Coast. An extinct volcano, this mountain is not easy to get to as it is extremely remote. Regarded as the mountain that stood still, most of the land in the mountains is untouched and yet to be discovered. In fact, most of the mountain is so untraveled that most of the time it’s best that expeditions are carried out with a qualified ranger.

The mountain

Biologists have constantly been fascinated by Gunung Kajang for decades, the reason being its volcanic past and evolutionary isolation of the island. The history of this volcano has also had a big impact on Tioman’s native flora and fauna. There are also plenty of species of plants and animals on Tioman that you’ll catch a glimpse of as you scale the mountain.


Remember, as this mountain is extremely difficult to hike it is best to go with someone experienced. If you’re staying at Berjaya Tioman Resort or any other Tioman resort, make sure you ask them more information before you get started! You can never be too ready!