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Green Jungle Park

If you are a person who likes to involve some nature activities in your vacation then visiting the Green Jungle park is a must.

About the park

What was once rubbish and garbage dump is now a beautifully preserved forest. With an amazing waterfall that acts as a backdrop to this park, the view here is nothing short of splendid. The conservation society in this area has shown how people can change nature for the better when they set their minds to it.


The green jungle park is located about 30 kilometres away from the city and you have to travel south to access the area. If you are staying at the hotel in Luang Prabang the likes of Avani+ Luang Prabang you can get yourself a cab and also get the directions from the help desk.

Activities inside the park

Within the park, you will find that there is a zipline activity space that stretches out to about 900 metres along with rope courses and monkey bridges. Partaking in these would be fun for everyone in the group.

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Food and drink

Within the green jungle park, you will also find that there is a cafe where you can have a few snacks and a cold drink after you enjoy the activities, look around the flower gardens, take a dip in the natural swimming pools and explore the produce market.

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