Step in to one of the most picturesque locations in Sri Lanka when travelling to Galle. This coastal city was once the most important port in the country during the time of Dutch rule in Sri Lanka. It also serves as one of the best examples of a fort city in Asia with its clear blend of Dutch and traditional architectural styles.

The most popular attraction in the town is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dutch Fort. What is most interesting about this fort is the fact is that it is still quite functional. Many of the city’s residents still live inside the fort and there isn’t skyscraper in sight. The fort still houses some important structures within its walls including a museum and is the one destination that should not be missed.

The Dutch Reformed Church is also situated close to the Fort, and has some characteristics that make it a noteworthy destination. Housed inside visitors will find marriage records dating all the way back to 1748. Another unique feature is the fact that there are no pillars on the inside as the whole structure is supported by the weight of its walls.

Failing all that a simple stroll around Galle is more than rewarding in itself. The entire city imbues a charming and traditional atmosphere that is further exemplified with the presence of the sea and the resulting cool breeze. When doing so one of the first things that will become apparent is the rich range of architecture that is scattered throughout the city including, lighthouses, temples, churches and more that clearly harks from the past.

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