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Forest Flying in Mackay


The Eungella National Park of Queensland is absolutely gorgeous, and is famous throughout the world for being one of the longest stretches of sub-tropical rainforests on the continent.

The Eungella National Park| Img by: Stefan Heinrich via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0 DE

Meet the Flying Fox

In addition to being a type of mega-bat, a flying-fox is in this case a spiritual equivalent of a zip-line. Similar to a pulley of sorts, it allows people to glide along a cable propelled by gravity to overcome various obstacles such as canyons and rivers.

The Benefits of a Flying Fox

The flying foxes of Finch Hatton Gorge allow riders to whizz through the tree-tops, with complete control of their speed, allowing them to experience the gorgeous beauty of these forests the best way possible, from above. If you’re vacationing at one of many hotels in Mackay, such as the likes of Oaks Rivermarque, you should definitely try this.

Weight Requirements

The minimum weight requirement to embark on a flying fox is 18 kilograms, while the maximum limit is 120 kilograms. No additional fitness or experience is required.

Points to Note

Due to safety, riders must wear fully-covered shoes and have any long hair tied back. All possessions must be secured, and if one intends to take pictures, a camera with a strap is recommended over a mobile phone.



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