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Exploring the Less Travelled Routes in Oman


There are many aspects of the Middle-East that are overlooked due to the rise of her exquisite metropolis landscapes. In addition to the many breath-taking cities, the Middle-East has much more in store to offer, especially in terms of secluded serenity, especially when it comes to the Sultanate of Oman, and her stunning Southern reaches.
Oman is a nation that, although as not as glitzy as the United Arab Emirates, still has much to offer other than indulgent pursuits. Hotels in Oman, Muscat especially, are diverse in terms of luxury and comfort, with all-rounded options such as Ruwi Hotel Oman.
One thing Oman has to offer in bountiful, are beaches. Some places boast to have kilometers of unspoilt beaches, Oman however has thousands of miles of secluded beach stretches. One of the most scenic voyages that can be undertaken by the residents of the Gulf is a trip to the Salalah, the Southern capital of Oman. The drive occurs over the duration of three to four days, allowing one to either camp or seek accommodation at the various pockets of civilization one would encounter during the trip.
The drive to Salalah is the summit of serenity, with hardly a vehicle to be seen even during peak season. There’s a selection of routes one can take, even ones that run alongside seemingly endless stretches of beach. The Salalah region isn’t as hot as metropolitan Oman, and therefore has a unique assortment of flora and fauna. Salalah is also a place of immense heritage and history, with various ruins and archaeological sites in plentiful to visit.
So if you wish to embark on a most unique adventure amidst sun, sand and serenity, maybe a drive to Salalah from Oman’s capital of Muscat is worthy of consideration.

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