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Explore Water Sports at Pasikudah and Kalkudah

Pasikudah and Kalkudah beaches in Sri Lanka are not just for those who wish to sit back and relax! They are also ideal for those who love going on adventures and collecting colourful memories.


Open your eyes to something very exciting! Explore the underwater world and enjoy how the marine life exists in their natural habitats in the Indian Ocean.

Jet skiing

Jet skiing is for those who love the thrill of speeding! You may try this experience with an instructor in front if you don’t feel confident enough to ride it on your own.


Let the waves and the winds offer you an amazing experience. Learn to balance your body on a surfboard and master an exciting adventure.

Banana Boat Rides

During your family getaway spent at resorts like Amethyst Resort Passikudah, here’s something that you can try out with all your family members. It will be a delightful bouncy ride on a banana-shaped boat, and even the kids will enjoy it.


Any of the 3-star hotels in Sri Lanka located here would recommend you a kayak ride if you inquire about a good relaxing water sport. Gliding through the water alone or with your loved one peacefully is surely a refreshing experience.