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Explore Asia’s Windsurfing Haven in Tropical Paradise Maldives

Tipped to be Asia’s finest water sports hub the island archipelago of Maldives is a dream come true for divers, snorkelers and jet skiers the world over. But there is another water sporting activity that is fast gaining traction in the scenic lagoons of the country and that is windsurfing. With sunny skies all year round and persistent wind conditions prevalent for most of the year the calm watered island collective is literally tailor made for windsurfing excursions. Avid windsurfers and novices alike will be pleased to find that the weather and water conditions of the island collective are perfectly geared towards the sport which uses the power of the wind to glide and propel forward on ocean waters. Blessed with its fair share of sprawling lagoons the resort islands of the country are fully equipped to aid and assist travellers engaging in their water sport of choice.

Windsurfers heading to the Maldives should reserve accommodation in a resort island with a large lagoon as those with smaller lagoons typically do not offer windsurfing facilities although most do house water sports training centers and service providers for a variety of water based sporting activities. Resorts with large lagoons not only offer windsurfing gear and a large lagoon to test one’s skills on but expert guides and instructors to aid amateurs in navigating the waves and teach essential skills to beginners.

Windsurfing season in the Maldives officially falls in the Monsoon months in the country which falls between the period from May and October although beginners can engage in windsurfing practice sessions and learn the sport throughout the year. The windsurfing season however is reserved for those who are skilled in navigating larger waves and heavy wind conditions that are typical of the wet season. The clouds turn dark casting intriguing shadows on the ocean surface that is pummeled with strong winds for most of the day during the period making it a spectacular sight to behold let alone surf in. Some of the windsurfing highlights around the Maldives include the resort islands in Dhiggu, Medhufushi, Baros, Velassaru, Rihiveli, and Meedhupparu.

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Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.