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Enjoying Thrilling Kite Surfing in Maldives

If you ever thought an island paradise like the Maldives could lack excitement, then you are most mistaken! The country offers a thrilling array of water sports such as kite surfing which provides plenty of adrenaline pumping action. Those in search of Maldives luxury resorts that have their very own watersports centres can consider Cocoa Island Maldives. This luxurious Maldives resort offers the very best in contemporary comforts and lets you enjoy a truly memorable stay.

Kite surfing gives you the chance to skim the waves and explore the waters around the Maldivian islands, taking in the breathtaking coastal scenes that abound. The tropical weather and windy conditions that prevail almost the whole year through make this destination a perfect spot for this activity that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Experienced kite-surfers looking for more thrills should visit between the monsoon season (May to October) when the winds pick up and provide an unforgettable ride on the water.