Enjoy the outdoors at the Boulder County Fairgrounds

Camping has been a proud American tradition for as long as motorized transport has been available. It allows one to appreciate minimalist living, with only a tent to protect one from the elements and canned food to satisfy one’s appetite. In a nation that has grabbed the headlines for its love of excess; camping has always remained a refreshing aspect of an all American upbringing that children have cherished. This proud tradition remains popular because it has been handed down from generation to generation within families; most families have their own favourite camping spot filled with happy memories of yester year.

In addition to living only on the essentials, camping also allows one to appreciate the beauty and purity of nature. There’s nothing more soothing than a trek through a pinewood forest after a busy week of trudging on streets lined with concrete buildings. At the Boulder county fairgrounds all of this can be experienced all year around.

The county fairgrounds have facilities for RV’s, this allows travelers to experience a true American road trip and make an unforgettable stop over at Boulder. The city of Boulder offers a host of attractions to campers such as a wide variety of outdoor sports in the expansive countryside that surrounds it. Some of the more popular activities are trekking, mountain climbing and mountain biking. For those for are little bit more adventurous some of the best rock climbing sites can be found in the nearby El-Dorado Canyon.

Nonetheless, camping remains a group activity. Despite the activities one may engage in during the day, it all winds down to a beer by the campfire with some interesting company. Many visitors are known frequent the Boulder county fairgrounds through out the there year, thus there is never any shortage of interesting characters here.

Located close to the main city centre, the recreational areas in Boulder such as the county fairgrounds are in close proximity to Boulder hotels. Though camping may not the be first thing on the minds of the travellers, many visitors staying in Denver area hotels such as the nearby Millennium Harvest House Boulder may find this to be an interesting recreational activity. This hotel also offers an array of attractive Boulder hotel deals.