Encounter Dolphins at Kiluan Bay in Lampung

A memorable experience awaits those going dolphin watching at Kiluan Bay in Lampung, Indonesia, where you can watch these marine mammals swimming wild and free.

Image credit- Unsplash,Pablo Heimplatz,CC0

Planning a Trip

Kiluan Bay is in the Lampung Province on the island of Sumatra’s southern tip. For accommodation in Lampung, hotel options catering to budget travellers including families can be found at properties like POP! Hotel Tanjung Karang Lampung in Bandar. The bay is around 80 km away and is a three to four-hour drive.

The Excursion

There are boat operators at Kiluan Bay offering dolphin watching excursions on various types of boats with varying capacities ranging from four to eight passengers. Dolphins are best spotted in the mornings between 6:00am and 10:00am, though you may see them again in the evenings from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

A Marvellous Sight

This bay is on the migration route of dolphins which makes it an ideal spot to observe pods of these playful denizens of the ocean only after around a 20-minute journey off the coast. Spinner dolphins and common bottlenose dolphins are the two species widely spotted swimming wild and free amidst the waves.

Other Experiences

Kiluan Bay is best visited from April to September and the peak time for dolphin watching is usually from June to July. There are plenty more things to do here as well including snorkelling or fishing in the bay and if you’re lucky, spotting turtles. Within easy reach is Gayau Lagoon, a natural pool that’s worth visiting too.