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Diving in Naladhu

The beautiful Maldivian Ocean is known for the many surprises it boasts underneath its surface. Above and below, Maldives is a paradise in all angles. If you are looking for peaceful accommodation, Naladhu Maldives is a renowned Maldives hotel that has attracted guests from all over the world. Ask them how it is and you will never get a bad review. Naladhu helps you explore the Maldives and its array of many treasures. It provides ample facilities and packages ensuring that you make the best use of your time. When it comes to the Maldives Island resorts the Naladhu is one of the best.

After savoring much of the sun kissed shores delve in to this magical sparkling blue ocean and enjoy an aquatic world like no other; where sizes, shapes and colors all await to give pure Maldivian underwater eye candy. In Naladhu diving is more exciting than in any other place around the world. Here you can get on site PADI Dive Centers that offer the complete range of scuba certification courses. There are plenty of classes as well that trains you to explore the Maldivian Ocean whether you are an amateur or a professional. You can even try advanced options like wreck diving and Rescue Diving that ensures the first timer and the fanatic an experience like no other. Each day the dive center takes up around four dives in a number of different locations. And that is all thanks to the spectacular Naladhu island because in just a half-hour radius of this spectacular island, there are over 15 fantastic world-class dive sites to explore. Above all, the best part is that each dive in Naladhu is a guided affair; where you have trained by the professionals leading you on to ensure you see it all; all the species and colors that this ocean is so famous for. In Naladhu you will also have a few peers diving with you to share the moment of great sights. The center in Naladhu provides you everything and anything you need in relation to diving, they can even arrange a gourmet lunch of your choice. All you have to do is to go and have a good time.