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Diving in Jeddah

There is a world of excitement waiting for all the divers out there in Jeddah. This article lists down a few of the most amazing dive sites in the seas here.

Image credit- Unsplash,
Sebastian Pena Lambarri,CC0

Sharm Obhur

You can enter this dive site right from the shores. The reef is easy to explore and perfect for beginners. You will see clown fish, turtles and eels. Maybe a Bullshark or 2 as well if you are lucky.

Abu Tair

If you are an experienced diver, you can try exploring the Staphonos shipwreck in Abu Tair. This was a cargo ship that carried cables, steel beams and chains, thus it is also called the Cable Wreck.

Abu Faramish

This spot is known for, yet another wreck called Ann Ann. The ship sits upright even to date with many of the rooms intact. You can also see the toilet in the ship which divers find quite interesting.

Jebel Al Lith

If you’ve already tried out all the activities, there are to do at your Jeddah accommodations the likes of Spectrums Residence Jeddah, its time you searched for some thrills. Jebel Al Lith offers a dive site which just happens to be the territory of the whale sharks!