Diving Courses

Beyond the surface of the crystal clear waters just as the glistening sunrays strike upon its endless facade, the underwater life existent in the beaches are evident. The ocean glowing in the sunlight, the beauty of the lucid waters of Maldives teem with its diversely rich marine life, stunning travelers with a myriad of species ranging from colours, sizes and shapes. Having such an amazing marine life, afar from what the eye can see, Maldives offers diving as a water sport activity, giving its visitors an opportunity to witness the underwater life, in a more closer and personal manner.

Perhaps one of the best places to indulge in diving, Maldives has long hailed as the reputed destination to explore the natural swimming pool that surrounds it. Having more sea than land with its turquoise lagoons, incredible reefs and beautiful atolls, the island is the perfect place to start your diver training.

Gaining such popularity in the water sports field, it is no surprise that almost all the resorts around the island offer an extensive variety of water sports. One of them being diving, there is a dive school maintained in every resort that offers courses and training to beginners. Compared to receiving an international standard of teaching, Professional Association of Diving Instructors is perhaps the most leading institution. Having sprouted around Maldives, the association has received wide recognition, providing its standard courses in their number of training agencies.

Those who enter Maldives as novices and embark on one of the many diving courses offered; often go back to their homeland as experienced and trained persons. Those who do not have any diving experience to speak of have nothing to worry as the diving courses offered are extensive depending on each resort, where all the equipment will be provided.

A thrilling and adventurous activity by nature, diving is considered an adrenaline rushing experience. Embracing the teaching methods, guests can easily experience the remarkable splendour of the underwater beauty of the coral garden and fascinating species. A must do activity, there are many courses that include beginners, advanced and specialized.

Having their own diving site, the schools provide a variety of facilities and equipments such as snorkels, masks, wetsuits, drysuits, fins, compressors, BCD, diving knives, and dhonis which are fitted with tanks. Among other diving equipments, schools also provide octopus regulators. Offering a list of guidelines to the divers, the instructor goes through the requirements and rules. Before heading to the water, the equipments are checked more than once, ensuring safety and reliability. Those who participate in PADI courses are offered certificates after the completion of the training. The five day course which includes around nine on field diving lessons will make certain that you have enough knowledge to dive without any further training. In addition, there are a number of theory lessons.

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