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Discovering Hanifaru Bay in Maldives

Image Credit-Shiyam ElkClonerDharavandhoo Thila – Manata Black PearlCC BY-SA 3.0

One of the most precious marine habitats in the Maldives, Hanifaru Bay has a rich marine biodiversity and offers plenty of amazing sights to be discovered. Those lucky enough to dive here will also see a wide range of marine life that swim wild and free in its waters.

Where can it be found

Image Credit-Frédéric DucarmeBaa atoll islandsCC BY-SA 4.0

Hanifaru Bay can be found in what is known as the Baa Atoll in Maldives. While this site is part of a Biosphere Reserve it is also a Marine Protected Area. Those in search of a hotel near Hanifaru Bay from which to head to this site can consider options such as Dhigali Maldives.

The highlight at Hanifaru
The main draw at Hanifaru Bay is undoubtedly the chance to see manta rays. In fact, this site is known as one of the largest manta ray feeding destinations in the world. Little surprise that underwater photographers love coming here!

Best time for mantas

Image Credit-TANAKA Juuyoh (%u7530%u4E2D%u5341%u6D0B)Manta alfredi maldivesCC BY 2.0

When it comes to seeing mantas feeding on plankton at Hanifaru Bay, the best time to visit is the period from May to November. Literally, hundreds of mantas can be seen during this time and make for an unforgettable underwater spectacle.

Other marine inhabitants

Image Credit-Shiyam ElkClonerDharavandhoo Thila – Hanifaru Bay SharksCC BY-SA 3.0

Apart from manta rays, this underwater area is home to other species too including sting rays and whale sharks which add to the allure of Hanifaru Bay. Diving here is bound to be an experience you won’t soon forget.

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