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Discover Shenzhen’s Highest Peak atop Breathtaking Wutong Mountain

Ranked as one of the most breathtaking locales in all of Shenzhen, the cloud-piercing Wutong Mountain range is a lot more than the province’s highest peak. Looming over the skyline at an impressive height of 944 meters the tallest mountain in all of Shenzhen also occupies a lush area spread out over 32 square kilometres. Declared a provincial scenic spot by the Guangdong Provincial Government back in 1993 this breathtaking venue has been attracting visitors from far and wide since time immemorial.

Placed at the edge of Lianhua Mountain which has two other peaks measuring at 692m and 706m the Wutong Mountain range is also considered one of the Xinan Eight Landscapes with mesmerizing views over neighbouring Hong Kong, Dapeng Bay and Yantian Port. Offering climbers lush green landscapes and views of stunning ocean vistas, the Shijian Stone and Mojian Stone on Wutong Mountain are also some of the other highlights of this scenic hilltop location. It is said that the Shijian Stone on the mountain is twenty times larger than that in Suzhou Huqiu while the waterfall flanked by bamboo trees, age old trees and striking scenery is also an attraction in itself.

As the main water source of the Shenzhen River, the Wutong Mountain is literally covered in natural evergreen broad-leaved forest vegetation while the small spring from its central summit cascades in to the Heavenly Pond. Traveller embarking on a hike up the mountain can also stopover at the lover’s trees collection at the base of the mountain which consist of nine ancient trees entangled together. A celestial armchair is also found in the shade of the trees and couples are frequently seen praying at the venue for the gift of eternal love.

Upon reaching the summit climbers can catch a glimpse of the stunning main entrance area and the Wutong Scenic Clouds Area while the Feng Gu Ming Qin region and Biwu Xifeng quarter are equally captivating. The forest conservation region and the East Lake Park are also worth exploring although the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden is the preferred venue of most regular visitors to the mountain.

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