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Discover an Iconic Barbados Wonder on a Tram Ride across Harrison’s Cave

Often described as one of the must-have experiences when vacationing in Barbados a tram ride across Harrison’s Cave is a once in a lifetime opportunity for nature lovers and geology enthusiasts the world over. Regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of Barbados centuries old Harrison’s Cave is a natural wonder the likes of which are found nowhere else in the Caribbean. Despite its mention in historical records Harrison’s Cave was scientifically explored in the 1970’s by speleologist Ole Sorensen. After four years, work within the cave began as tunnels, lighting and underground pathways were developed to make the venue more accessible to geological and scientific exploration.
Littered with underground streams and mesmerizing stalactites formations the caves are now open to the public and can be explored via tram rides that are available to visitors daily. The first tour kicks off at 9am with the final tour for the day taking place at 4pm. Groups of travellers can take part in the tram ride together and enjoy spectacular scenery of stalactites overhangs that adorn the cave’s interiors. Stalactites crop up from the ground below while pristine, clear water collected from the drops of water that plummet from above form deep pools of emerald color in various parts of the cave.
The electronically controlled trams take visitors through the sprawling network of caves which extends itself across a large area. Once the tram reaches the lowest region of the Harrison Cave complex travellers can step off the tram and walk to discover a magnificent cascade that falls in breathtaking sheets of water to reach a pool of great depth at the base. Regarded as one of the true highlights of the Harrison Cave tram ride experience the splendor of an underground waterfall is a sight one is not likely to forget. Tour guides are also part and parcel of the tour and they are a valuable asset to the experience as the personnel share local know-how on the historical background of the cave and other interesting facts related to the world famous attraction.
The Visitor Centre at the venue is located within the limestone foundation of the cave and houses an engaging souvenir store as well as a snack stand. Various artifacts and relics of Amerindian that were discovered from different regions of the island are also showcased here.

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