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Desert Safari, a memorable excursion

In recent years Abu Dhabi has consolidated its position as a premier tourist destination. With its tropical year-round sunshine, scenic sand dunes, pristine beaches and traditional Arabian hospitality Abu Dhabi is a memorable holiday destination. Appealing to both leisure and corporate travellers with modern convention centres, spas, theatres and golf courses amongst other facilities the desert emirate never disappoints its guests.

A desert safari in the environs of Abu Dhabi is a delightful way to experience the magical aura of the Middle Eastern desert. Always a thrilling adventure, safaris take the visitor deep into the desert providing a genuine insight into the challenging conditions of the desert as well as its beauty and mystical allure.

Four wheel drive vehicles take the visitor on a rollercoaster ride over the picturesque high sand dunes which promise to be an invigorating experience for even the most jaded of travellers. The peaks of the lofty sand dunes provide a panoramic view over the desert landscape which stretches out as far as the eye can see. Especially memorable is the vista of the desert sunset, a once in a lifetime experience.

‘Wadi bashing’ is a popular activity for the thrill seeker. A ‘wadi’ is the term used for a dry rocky riverbed found in the desert carved out by flood waters over millennia; innumerable wadis are to be found in the deserts surrounding Abu Dhabi. A four wheel drive vehicle is used to drive through these riverbeds, a bone–shaking and tough adventure, but always memorable. Before engaging in wadi-bashing it is important to receive comprehensive instructions from an expert, so as to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Traditional falconry displays may also be observed in the desert environment, with expert falconers demonstrating this age-old craft. Visitors may also enjoy camel rides and receive henna decorations on their hands or feet.

Some safari excursions will take you to a Bedouin campsite where you will be entertained by a talented belly-dancer moving sinuously to local music for a truly distinctive Arabian experience. A sumptuous barbeque dinner will be served at the end of the evening.

For the traveller selecting amongst Abu Dhabi resorts, there is no better choice than the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara. This fine luxury resort Abu Dhabi offers promises lavishly appointed rooms and courteous service assuring a memorable stay.