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Desert Activities in Abu Dhabi

The endless stretches of soft golden sands are one of UAE’s biggest attractions. People from around the globe visit these deserts to bask in their unspoiled beauty. Although deserts are made of merely dunes and dunes and more dunes there is so much to discover in these amazing dunes. Pretty much all the luxury hotels Abu Dhabi has includes touring these golden wonders as part of their available excursion packages but nothing quite tops the desert experience offered by the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara.

There is so much to do, so much to see and so much to part take in. There is something absolutely awe inspiring and intriguing about the Arabian Desert. Several of the desert activities boast rugged strength and power. Take archery for instance. In Liwa the tribesman took great pride in their hunting skills. Today in this very desert you get an opportunity to try your hand at archery. There is a number of shooting ranges which you can indulge in depending on your level of experience with archery. Another interesting fat burning activity in the deserts of Abu Dhabi is Mountain biking. The experience of biking on sand dunes is unique in all angles. If you are looking for means of exploring the deserts why not opt for a ride atop the back of a camel. These tall crooked animals give you a spectacular ride and better yet a spectacular view of your desert surroundings.

One of the most exciting and adventurous activities on the desert is dune bashing. Hire a 4×4 vehicle along with a guide and be a part of the thrilling adventure where your driver conquers the dunes in a series of sharp and exciting moves. Another bold and beautiful activity depicting the age old culture of the Emirates is the Falconry and Saluki show. The traditional sport of Falconry which was practiced for thousands of years has made this fierce bird a cultural symbol of the UAE. A live falcon and a saluki show are presented followed by exciting stories about hunting with these mighty falcons.

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