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Deep Water Diving in Kathu

One of the premier destinations for deep water diving, Kathu in Phuket provides an unforgettable adventure beneath the waves. Look to combine diving excursions with health retreats Phuket has to offer, letting you find peace for mind, body and spirit. Thanyapura is one such option and features holistic wellness that combines perfectly with the active lifestyle Asia is known for.

Diving enthusiasts can head to Kathu where one can find colourful coral reefs and vibrant marine life amidst the clear waters of the Andaman Sea. Pa Tong town is an ideal base from which to set off on your diving adventures and lets you truly explore Phuket’s fascinating marine world. Plan a trip to the Similan and Surin National Marine Parks which offer plenty of diving fun, while not to be missed is a chance to head underwater and visit Richelieu Rock. The Koh Racha Islands are also known for dive sites worth exploring. On your excursions you may come across such marine life as blacktip reef sharks, lionfish and fusiliers to name but a few of the species that inhabit these waters.

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