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Deep Sea Diving

The waters are almost transparent for a distance of over 20m into the depths of the ocean bed, making it look like a protective veil that safeguards the treasures underneath at the same time boasting of its wonders to the world. Deep sea divers find this property extremely useful when looking out for both tiny and gigantic sea creatures. If you really want to catch all the action live you should visit Beruwala from November through to May.

Along the shoreline there are different points of take off from which you can spot different types of fish. Splash down and witness the most wondrous aquatic life you have ever laid eyes on. The most cautious of divers will be privileged enough to witness Reef Sharks at Shark Point making their way sneakily through the underwater world. Barracuda Rocks may draw your attention not only because of their great size but also because it represents nature’s creativity in the form of beautiful fish in varying sizes, marvellous corals, greenest of seaweed and beauty of the salty waters.

Malugala is not named so just for the fun of it; it is named so because of its variety of fishes, ranging from lion fish to ray fish. Splash deep down and you might feel as if you are in a garden of dandelions under water, but, no, you are witnessing splendour of a large shoal of Yellow Back Fusiliers. Then, explore fourth rock or Hatharagala and be a giant among splendour. The centre, Mada Gala is waiting to be seen, too. The heart of all these rock formations comprises circular rocks, decorated by bright and vibrant colours swimming around. Those of you, who enjoy looking at a rainbow, will definitely love all the vivacious colours of the fish and other sea water creatures that swim. Relaxing in the cool saline waters and enjoying the sight of magnificent fish swimming past is what Beruwala’s deep sea diving is all about.

Enjoy it all live in action only in Beruwala. Due to its proximity to the spectacular diving sites, The Palms Beruwala is well patronized by deep sea divers and snorkelers. All Sri Lanka beach hotels are blessed with the magnanimity of the wonderful ocean waves, but none are quite like the Beruwala hotels which have a charm and beauty of their own.