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Deep Sea Diving

Plunge into the aquamarine blue off the western coast of Sri Lanka in Beruwala, and explore a world of wonders lingering beneath the waves. Secure diving equipment and guides as part of an experience at any of the Sri Lanka boutique hotels dotting the coastline, and Saman Villas presents a quality choice of a luxury hotel Sri Lanka. Perhaps the best time of year to go diving off the south western coast is during the months of November through May. Be advised that the current is strong, so limit your dives to the morning and afternoon, before the pull gets any stronger. Strong currents also mean the area will be teeming with exotic marine life in voluminous shoals flitting and playing around you so bring your underwater camera to capture these moments! The best dive sites are located around an hour and a half away from the shore, and you can rent a boat to take you out there; inquire at your hotel front desk for more details. The water is crystal-clear, and the sun penetrates its depths up to 30 metres. And keep on the lookout for the magnificent whale shark as they swim in these waters during the season.