Day Tour To The Lowest Spot On Earth

While not a traditional holiday spot, the Middle East has become quite popular among tourists in recent times. The region offers some unique experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. From dune bashing to camel racing to camping in the desert, there are a variety of activities that one can enjoy. However, the region’s appeal does not end there. Instead, after indulging in the various activities, tourists have plenty of interesting natural, cultural and historical sights to explore.

The Dead Sea, also called the Salt Sea, is the lowest spot on land, and is situated roughly four hundred metres below sea level. The sea is over fifty kilometres long, measures almost twenty kilometres at its widest point and reaches a depth of around four hundred metres. It is among the saltiest water bodies on the planet and is has salinity levels that are over eight times greater than the ocean. The body of water was given its name as the high salinity levels does not allow fish or aquatic life to grow. It has received visitors from all parts of the world for well over a millennia, with many people coming here for health reasons.

It is possible to take a day trip to the Dead Sea via the cities of Aqaba and Amman in Jordan. There are buses that run through the area but the most convenient way is to hire a taxi, which is relatively inexpensive from Amman. The Amman Beach, which fronts the Dead Sea, is not well developed and one can find only a few beachside stalls. There are a few other attractions found in the region. These include the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex, the Mujib Reserve, and the Baptism Site.

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