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Cruise Around the Maldives – Explore the Best of the Maldives

There are many ways you can enjoy a cruise around the Maldives – be it from boarding a traditional boat called dhoni to sailing around in a luxury yacht – and you can do so during a holiday spent at a resort on one of the private islands Maldives has to offer such as Naladhu Private Island Maldives.

The Best Times

Between November and April, you’ll find the driest months of the year when there’s plenty of sunshine and clear blue skies; this spectacular weather brings the ideal conditions to go on a Maldives cruise.

Image Credit: Naladhu Private Island Maldives

Why Go on a Cruise?

This is the best way to see the many islands that make up the Maldivian Archipelago while accessing numerous diving sites and accessing some of the most-coveted beaches all in one package.

Boat Options

You may be offered several boat options for your cruise around the Maldives. It is possible to embark on this journey on a dhoni, a sailboat, a yacht, or a ship.

Types of Cruises

From catamaran cruises and multi-day cruises to shore excursions and whale watching tours, there’s a range of cruises out of which you can opt for one depending on your preference.