Coral Reef

The tropical atolls and lagoons of the Maldivian archipelago are loved all over the world as a destination with unparalleled natural beauty when it comes to the shallow tropical seas, lush greenery of beach vegetation and of course, and the bountiful life of the reefs. That being said, the true attraction of the region remains the breathtakingly beautiful Coral Reefs, teeming with vivid and varied tropical sea life and breathing life to the oceanic ecosystem to thrive and propagate.

In actuality Coral Reefs are massive colonial organisms made up with millions of tiny polyps, whose limestone based shell form the structure of the reef itself. Corals come in mind-boggling varieties of shape, size and colour spread across 200 different species, and taking a plunge in the shallow warm seas off the Maldives atolls you will come across most of these variants blossoming in all their glory.

You shouldn’t forget that the colourful reefs of coral is also the home of a plethora of tropical sea life including sponges, molluscs, crustaceans and an amazing variety of fish from small and brightly coloured parrotfish to reef sharks with their sinister stare, so be ready for an undersea world of life and wonder like no other.

At Maldives, the Coral Reefs take up formations and shapes rarely seen elsewhere in the world. One such formation is the composite ring form known as the ‘faros’, which encircles entire atolls. Ideal place for a snorkelling adventure or going scuba diving, the Maldivian Coral Reefs of today have recovered in great part from the tsunami devastation in 2004. The awesome natural bounty of the Coral Reef also makes it an ideal spot for some underwater photography, where basic equipment can be rented out from the islands. While in Maldives, you will be able to witness some of the most successful programs of coral repopulation in the world, where thousands of square meters lost to the reefs has been re-grown with much effort from the islanders who are beginning to comprehend the importance of the Coral reef to their livelihood and environment.

Almost any Maldives hotel or one of the many Maldives Island resortsprovides tour opportunities to enjoy the magnificence of the coral reefs. At places close to the reefs like the Nalandhu, Maldives you can have the best experience of diving and adventure among the majestic corals of the archipelago.