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City Break in Chicago

Across America there is a varying culture seen in major cities, which differ both according to location as well as the lifestyles of the locals. Chicago is one such city with a particularly interesting culture that is based around knowledge, art and science. This has made the city the ideal vacation spot, frequented by families, young travelers and those with a love for learning new things and exploring the many sites it has to offer. When looking to spend a break in the city Chicago is the ideal place to head over to, as there are plenty of activities to keep anyone entertained. It is a place that can be enjoyed on any budget, and by those of all ages.

Museums and galleries are common sights in this city, some reputed to be among the best in all of America. At the Museum Campus visitors will find three prominent sites to check out – the Field Museum of Natural History, the Adler Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium and. The three museums on the campus are surrounded by scenic settings, and are ideal places to spend a day. For art enthusiasts there are interesting galleries to visit, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Museum of Mexican Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

There is more to do during city breaks in Chicago than visiting museums alone, and this includes places to enjoy exciting meals and a variety of entertainment. Enjoy local favorites such as hotdogs and pizzas at diners and restaurants that provide service with a smile. This city is well known for its cozy jazz clubs, and the list of places to check out is endless when looking for entertainment here. Performing arts are popular in the city, and visitors will often come across intriguing and absorbing performances.

There are stretches of beaches to spend time at and most visitors enjoy exploring the areas around Lake Michigan. There are charming parks to be visited, including some that operate ice skating rinks and accommodate various outdoor activities. When looking to enjoy a break as much as possible, Chicago is the ideal destination to head over to.

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