Touring London by Bike

Cycling through the labyrinthine roads and paths of London is the most enjoyable manner to discover the many faceted wonders of the city. Bicycle paths are structured to cover the most renowned as well as comparatively unknown sites and attractions ensuring the visitors a comprehensive tour at their own pace. Thus, a cyclist is able to see the Buckingham Palace and The Houses of Parliament, enjoy the beauty of Hyde Park and hear the chimes of the Big Ben in as well as gaining an insight into the animated markets, law courts and docks to name a few.

Being an economical and “green” mode of transport discovering the city and its way of life on bicycle has become widely popular among both British and foreign tourists. An added advantage lies in the ability to avoid crowds and traffic. Therefore, many tour centres offer bicycles and other necessary equipment for hire as well as providing experienced guides. The multiplicity of the Capital’s attractions makes it impossible to see all of London completely by a day’s cycling. Hence, tours are often conducted by dividing the city into three sections; East, West and Central London, which can be visited on different days. The metropolis is a cycle friendly region with specified bicycle paths which can be deviated from if the cyclist wishes, ensuring optimum safety for both adults and children. All Travel Information Centres and many bicycle shops offer free color-coded maps portraying various cycle routes making it possible for visitors to select the paths they wish to take basing their preference on scenic or sightseeing value and expertise on riding.

The myriad attractions of the city make it important for visitors who wish to make optimum use of their stay to lodge at a central London hotel with easy access to the capital’s important districts. The centrally located Elysee Hotel offers guests the conveniences of modern comforts at an affordable price ensuring a pleasant and memorable stay in the exciting British capital.

Prepare Yourself for an Adrenaline Pumping Wadi Bashing Experience

If you are looking for some adrenaline pumping entertainment during your holiday in Abu Dhabi, also known as the richest emirate, then you are sure to be blown away by what is in store. With bountiful entertainment to keep you on your feet all day and night, what more can you ask for?

Among the many venues for entertainment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an important activity worth mention is “Wadi bashing”. Wadi bashing is a unique pastime that defines Abu Dhabi’s desert surfing, where travellers can enjoy the many obstacle courses that include sand dunes and sand mines. These courses can be accessed by a four-wheel drive Sports Utility Vehicle.

Wadi bashing is a renowned desert sport and it is known to attract thousands of people from all parts of the world. Wadis are also known as dry riverbeds that follow a course of seasonal streams that flow through a rocky valley. You can find these Wadis in abundance when you explore the many deserts of the UAE. The excitement of this recreational activity comes to the forefront when you hop aboard your four-wheel drive and bash through the twisted routes and the zig-zag sand dune obstacles. It is stated that the best time for Wadi Bashing in the emirate is during October – April, so adventurous travellers should make sure to prepare themselves for some exhilarating challenges and new experiences.

While Wadi bashing in Abu Dhabi, travellers can also enjoy a variety of activities and some of these include a relaxing swim at a mountain pool or a sightseeing tour around the waterfalls in close proximity to the desert. Other activities could include a visit to the local tribes, where travellers can practice some of their daily rituals or even spend a night camping on the desert enjoying its beauty. A number of tours are also organized for the enthusiastic traveller; these tours include many forms of entertainment such as a desert safari, a desert Wadi bashing tour, a desert barbeque, camel rides and a traditional Arabic dance performed by belly dancers.

If you are looking for captivating Abu Dhabi resorts offering exciting entertainments such as Wadi bashing, a stay at the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara will prove a worthy choice. This luxury resort Abu Dhabi provides guests with panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf waters and fine facilities for a memorable stay.

Desert Safari, a memorable excursion

In recent years Abu Dhabi has consolidated its position as a premier tourist destination. With its tropical year-round sunshine, scenic sand dunes, pristine beaches and traditional Arabian hospitality Abu Dhabi is a memorable holiday destination. Appealing to both leisure and corporate travellers with modern convention centres, spas, theatres and golf courses amongst other facilities the desert emirate never disappoints its guests.

A desert safari in the environs of Abu Dhabi is a delightful way to experience the magical aura of the Middle Eastern desert. Always a thrilling adventure, safaris take the visitor deep into the desert providing a genuine insight into the challenging conditions of the desert as well as its beauty and mystical allure.

Four wheel drive vehicles take the visitor on a rollercoaster ride over the picturesque high sand dunes which promise to be an invigorating experience for even the most jaded of travellers. The peaks of the lofty sand dunes provide a panoramic view over the desert landscape which stretches out as far as the eye can see. Especially memorable is the vista of the desert sunset, a once in a lifetime experience.

‘Wadi bashing’ is a popular activity for the thrill seeker. A ‘wadi’ is the term used for a dry rocky riverbed found in the desert carved out by flood waters over millennia; innumerable wadis are to be found in the deserts surrounding Abu Dhabi. A four wheel drive vehicle is used to drive through these riverbeds, a bone–shaking and tough adventure, but always memorable. Before engaging in wadi-bashing it is important to receive comprehensive instructions from an expert, so as to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Traditional falconry displays may also be observed in the desert environment, with expert falconers demonstrating this age-old craft. Visitors may also enjoy camel rides and receive henna decorations on their hands or feet.

Some safari excursions will take you to a Bedouin campsite where you will be entertained by a talented belly-dancer moving sinuously to local music for a truly distinctive Arabian experience. A sumptuous barbeque dinner will be served at the end of the evening.
For the traveller selecting amongst Abu Dhabi resorts, there is no better choice than the Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara. This fine luxury resort Abu Dhabi offers promises lavishly appointed rooms and courteous service assuring a memorable stay.

Travel in Boracay: A charming Pilipino island

Boracay is a charming Pilipino island positioned about 345 kilometres away from Manila. It is one of the most popular and attractive tourist destinations in the country. This spectacular island features the three barangays namely Manoc-Manoc, Yapak and Balabag. It is administered by the Philippine Tourism Authority and the Provincial Government of Aklan.

Boracay is an area of Aklan Province that became an independent territory in 1956. However it was only during the 1970s that Boracay became famous as a tourism destination. A once quiet and secluded paradise island soon became immensely popular among travellers and was eventually voted as the world’s best beach. Within a period of about ten years this breathtaking island came to be known by literally the entire world and the once peaceful and private Boracay turned out to be one of the most exciting leisure spots visited by many upmarket tourists.

The most prominent feature of this recreational haven is its magical blue sea and white sandy beaches ideal for relaxing as well as having endless fun. Many tourists head to Boracay just for sunbathing and to enjoy a peaceful stroll in order to get away from the everyday stress. Sailing is one of the most popular activities in Boracay Island. Boats are readily available for rent at various locations on White Beach. Other much loved activities here include Banana-Boat Riding, mountain biking and hiking, motor biking, wall climbing, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite boarding, beach volleyball, beach football, tennis, golf and even horse riding.

The main tourism based beaches in Boracay are Bulabog Beach and White Beach. The island is also home to the beautiful and world class Graham Marsh designed 18-hole golf course. There are also many different types of restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and night clubs located throughout the island. It also plays host for many international events such as Boracay International Funboard Cup, Asian Windsurfing Tour and much more.

The island is easily accessible by air and sea and once arrived in the island tourists can rent motor-tricycles, mountain bicycles, motor bikes and quad bikes. Boracay Island is best explored by staying at a conveniently located hotel such as Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa. This Boracay luxury resort provides maximum comfort along with some of the most up to date amenities for a pleasant and memorable stay.

Snorkelling in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is one of Thailand’s most charming tourist destinations which have in the recent past managed to attract large amounts of travellers to the country. Known as one of the best places in Thailand to put your feet up and just relax, Hua Hin will no doubt charm the first time visitor with its captivating surroundings and sheer variety of entertainment options. The beachside offerings here are quite impressive to say the least and will offer plenty of leisure activities to those hoping for a memorable holiday by the picturesque beaches of amazing Thailand. From scuba diving to soaking up the sun on the golden beach, Hua Hin’s fantastic cuisine and pulsating nightlife are but a few of the many amazing features of the Hua Hin travel experience.

While snorkelling in almost any part of Thailand offers a world of fascinating possibilities to the active traveller, Hua Hin deserves special mention as the shallow coastal belt is ideal for snorkelers who enjoy spending hours feasting their eyes on the world beneath the waves. These warm tropical waters are teeming with many varieties of sea dwellers from graceful lion fish to colourful starfish; breathtaking coral formations can also be spotted on the sea bed. After getting yourself settled down at a beachside resort, all you need to do is gear up and float away towards the horizon.

The best time of the day to explore the world under water is in the morning. As the first rays of sunshine touch the surface and seep through towards the corals beneath, schools of brightly coloured fish spring out of hiding and are on the lookout for a good meal. While several tour operators offer guided snorkelling trips, the best and most exciting way to experience this magical world is by heading out into the open ocean not knowing what to expect. Want more out of your holiday? Book a fishing trip and experience the excitement of snatching a catch and taking it away with you.

Anantara Hua Hin, Thailand offers comfortable accommodation for the discerning traveller on the lookout for quality Hua Hin hotels. This flagship hotel in Hua Hin also boasts outstanding service and state of the art facilities for a pleasurable stay.

Marina South City Park

A nation that is regarded small in comparison to others, Singapore is among the finest tourist destinations around the world. A land that is capable of giving its guests a soothing, relaxing experience as well as a time of great thrills and adventure, Singapore has many surprises up its sleeve, surprises that are appealing to everyone, from adults to children alike.

Perhaps its most well-known park, the Marina South City Park stands out among the rest as the foremost celebrated and prominent attraction in the region. Perfectly capturing the verdant nature known to the country, the glorious park is located in the Marina Bay area, in Marina South. Covering an area of 26.2 hectares, it was built on reclaimed land with the intention of establishing a premier park in the surroundings of its striking cityscape structures. Complementing Singapore’s balanced scale of preserving nature and progressing development, the location of the park encompasses the same essence of preserving its abundant nature in a city that is known as the new downtown of Singapore. A splendid city by nature amidst its many alluring attractions, the blend of nature and city lifestyle palpable within the area is further emphasized by its pseudo name referred mainly by the locals as the “City in a Garden” or “City of the 21st Century”.

The most stunning feature of the park belongs to its two-tiered pond. Large in size, the pond encapsulates a spurting fountain that shoots a jet of water reaching of about 18 meters high. Found in the most appealing spot of the park, the waterfront terraces located beside the pond offer the visitors a breathtaking view of the natural vegetation nestled amidst the surroundings of the pond.

Magnificent to look at, the sprouting waterfront is just one of the few stunning attractions in the park. Another attraction that is charming to behold is the sculptures in the park. Decorating the area these number of sculptures are incredible and are an overwhelming sight to the tourists. Encompassing the intricacy and art of craft that is involved in creating such sculptural beauties, some of the sculptures that could be seen are Spirit of Youth, Soaring Vision and Sculptural Fountain. Worthy of a visit, some of the sculptures are a dedication to the legendary heroes who have made an impact in the history of China. In addition to these sculptures, the park is also known for its disc sculptures and monumental sundial that revolves in the gusty breeze. The winds also make it suitable for children to indulge in kite-flying. A unique experience, there are also three large spacious areas, idyllic for special events.

For those who visit the park with their family, picnics in the midst of the beautiful nature could be arranged. One could also indulge in the steamboat buffet dinners that offer sumptuous meals, among the other delicacy shops available in the food outlets. Surrounded by rolling greenery in the tranquil surroundings of nature, hidden away from the bustling city life, Marina City Park paves the way to give a wonderful experience for spending your day leisurely in complete relaxation.

There are many hotels Singapore has to offer for those who are interested in undertaking a trip to this amazing land of adventure and relaxation. M Hotel Singapore is one such Singapore city hotel that is located nearby many attractions such as entertainment and shopping destinations.

Exploring Xian: A Distinctly Diverse Destination

Xian is referred to as a ‘living book of history’ since it boasts endless records of the significant changes that took place in the history of China. During ancient times Xian was better known as Chang’an and it is among the first few places that gave birth to ancient civilization especially along the Yellow River. With a history of more than 3,100 years of development, Xian was also the capital for 13 different dynasties.

All this makes Xian ultimately a great place to explore. With its cultural and historical importance, this unmatched tourist destination offers its visitors with many things to see and do. Apart from history, ancient monuments, artefacts and museums the city is also unique when it comes to shopping, dining and nightlife.

Positioned excellently towards the south of the Guanzhong Plain, Xian is surrounded by mountains and water. The city is home to many fascinating museums which are generally regarded as the best way to start exploring this exceptional destination.

Acclaimed as ‘the eighth major miracle of the world’, The Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses is a must see place here. At this site visitors will find 7,000 pottery soldiers, weapons and horses lined up in full guard for Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s tomb. The famous Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang even occupies a place on the World Heritage List. Built during the early years of the Ming Dynasty is the impressive City Wall which is also rated as a must visit place in Xian. Other great attractions include Bell Tower, Qinling Zoological Park, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Forest of Stone Steles, Drum Tower, Shaanxi History Museum, Moslem Street and much more.

While exploring the amazing attractions of Xian, dining plays an important role. Travellers can savour delectable Shaanxi snacks, sumptuous Guangdong cuisine, various types of foreign delicacies as well as famous Sichuan Cuisine. There are also innumerable shopping outlets in Xian which is the most noteworthy city in northwest China. There are various shopping centres, department stores, supermarkets, boutiques, craft shops spread right across the city. This ancient city even has bars, and discos for the younger and more energetic visitor to enjoy.

Meanwhile, the well planned out transportation network helps the visitor explore Xian with much ease. With its development as a captivating tourist destination, finding convenient yet world class accommodation is not at all a complicated issue. For instance, Golden Flower Hotel Xian which is a distinctive Xian luxury hotel is well known for providing its guests the opportunity to enjoy a memorable holiday with a host of modern amenities.

Diving in Si Kao

A pleasant little town by the sea, Si Kao is one of the best places for a holiday in Thailand. Undisturbed by the busy happenings of its neighbouring cities, life here meanders along at an easy pace. Many who travel to these parts are looking for one thing and one thing only, the gorgeous beaches. The first time visitor to the beaches of Si Kao will surely be enchanted by the beauty of the surroundings and the rich tropical environment that keeps the air crisp and the scenery spectacular. The lush greenery of the surroundings also attracts a variety of migratory birds and is home to several animal species.

Scuba diving is arguably one of the best ways to explore the mysterious depths of the deep blue oceans just off the coast of Si Kao. Visitors with a PADI Licence can hire all the gear they need at any of the scuba diving centres which can easily be found. Those who travel prepared to take the plunge need not hesitate to explore the depths of these plentiful waters. Visitors are encouraged to always dive with a partner or with a professional guide with a licence approved by the government. Be sure to check your gear before getting in the water to ensure a safe dive.

Guests residing at Anantara Si Kao, Thailand will have access to a well equipped PADI diving centre which offers training for divers on how to conduct themselves underwater and a brief description of how the underwater currents behave in certain times of the year. Those who book a private excursion will be able to select from 10 different dive sites and pick one that appeals to the adventurer in you. Discover mysterious caves, fish, corals and much more and make your holiday one to remember.

Travellers in search of Si Kao hotels offering easy access to the beach and some of the key tourist attractions of the city will find Anantara Si Kao, Thailand to be an ideal option. Known as one of the most preferred hotels in Si Kao, this charming rest features a number of useful amenities and modern facilities.

A bird’s eye view of a paradise isle

Relatively new to Sri Lanka, hot air ballooning is fast picking up as it provides some picturesque views of the county from a unique vantage point.

Known for its unblemished natural beauty and friendly locals Sri Lanka is considered as one of Asia’s best locations to go ballooning. With sprawling hills, cascading waterfalls, acres of well manicured tea plantations and long stretches of unspoiled beaches Sri Lanka truly is a haven for ballooning enthusiasts.

White water rafting a totally exhilarating experience

The adrenaline rush of white water rafting is by far one of the most exiting aspects of the sport for many. The ability to work with a team and maneuver through rapids is truly an amazing experience and one that I cherish dearly.

For the many who engage in the sport the thrill and being that much close to Mother Nature is what makes white water rafting even more special. The Gauley River which runs through 4 counties of the United States provides a unique setting for white water rafting enthusiasts.

The video depicts some highlights of what’s on offer when rafting on the Gauley River . Enjoy !!!!!!