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Canoeing in Kalu Ganga

Kalu Ganga excursions are part of the eco-tourism industry which is popular in Sri Lanka. The country is blessed with fascinating natural environments that are waiting to be explored. Visitors to the country will be amazed by the diversity of the landscape in such a small island. There are beautiful coastal areas, chilly mountains, scenic rivers, picturesque waterfalls and a whole lot more to travel to, all within the same country. A delightful way to spend your day out in the sun is by taking a Kalu Ganga canoeing trip. Located just outside the Ratnapura district is the alluring Kalu Ganga. The waters are deep and tinted brown; they are relatively calm which means that it is safe to ride on a canoe.

At the beginning of your canoeing trip you will encounter the riverside village of Kiriella. It is easy to navigate through the waters because they are not rough and choppy. Once you pass Kiriella you can catch a glimpse of the Ratnapura town. Ratnapura is popular for the gem industry and the name translated refers to the ‘City of Gems’. Since it is a provincial district the atmosphere is rather laidback. Most of the people in Ratnapura live alongside the river as it provides water for the fields and fish for the community. When you go downstream you may witness some locals involved in fishing. There are also people who travel from one end of the river to the other side via a raft.

The lush vegetation surrounding the river is something to look forward to seeing. You will see beautiful pink lotuses and on the riverbed and rows of tall bamboo trees. If you are a bird lover you will enjoy spotting the various birds that dwell along the riverside. Since the river runs from Ratnapura to Kalutara a Sri Lanka beach hotel on the South Coast will provide access to it. A Kalutara hotel is an ideal option especially those that offer river safaris at an affordable rate for guests. Mermaid Hotel & Club can be recommended for tourists who are searching for a calm and quiet place to stay in. Set in a cosy fishing village, the hotel has luxurious rooms with amazing views of the beach.


Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.