Camel Rides in Oman

Of the many attractions that Middle Eastern countries such as Oman offer, the most memorable may be a camel ride. In Oman, sightseeing opportunities are aplenty with a relaxed ride through the desert exposing you to a myriad of dunes and ancient places of interest. Holiday options such as Desert Nights Camp Oman offer travellers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sights and sounds of the desert, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Your adventure in the desert may comprise of camel rides, dune racing and much more. Camel rides are a favourite as it suits everyone, from those who have a knack for adventure to those who would enjoy a relaxed ride taking in the sights around. The “ships of the desert” as they are oft known, camels are built to handle the extreme, harsh conditions of the deserts. Yet, when opting for a camel ride, ensure you go through the right agents so that you know the camels belong to those who take good care of them. Imagine how you would feel when you get to know the very camel you rode in subject to severe cruelty by their owners!

Camels were domesticated thousands of years ago by traders to transfer them across deserts. Besides as a mode of transportation, camels also provided milk, meat, wool and leather, thus becoming an integral part of Arabians’ lives. Today, many locals use camels as a source of income by facilitating camel rides for tourists. At times, there have been reported instances of some camels being ill-treated and subject to harsh living conditions. Camels that are used in tourism are usually well looked after. They are fixed with a sturdy saddle that can carry two people at once.

Some of the key factors to look for when booking a camel ride are whether the camel allocated for you can carry your weight comfortably, does the camel look healthy, have they been fed adequately, is the riding equipment (i.e. saddles, mouth bits, harnesses etc) in pristine condition and the nature of the trek.

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