Botswana Wildlife Highlights

When it comes to experiencing African wildlife, few places in the continent can beat the fantastic opportunities Botswana offers. From sprawling deserts to lush swamplands, there’s an astounding degree of biodiversity to go around here.

The Okavango Delta

Most Botswana resorts – for example, the Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino – will make mention of how you can see amazing varieties of wildlife in the region. The absolute best location for this is undoubtedly the Okavango Delta. Surrounded by the dry expanse of the Kalahari Desert, the delta serves as an oasis for all manner of species – from wading birds to colossal hippos.

The Kalahari

The desert that surrounds the Okavango is by no means devoid of life either – quite the opposite in fact. The Kalahari contains some of the world’s most recognizable animal species. This included the African elephant and the iconic African lin.

Hp.Baumeler, Säbelantilope Namibia, CC BY-SA 4.0

Lake Ngami

Lake Ngami is full of spectacular wildlife and some breath-taking views. The lake is formed by the overflowing waters of the Okavango and provides a haven for many species. Notable sighting includes wading birds like marabou storks and predators like the Nile crocodile.

Tsodilo Hills

The Tsodilo Hills is an old geological formation that’s over 800 million years old! There are caves here that are full of ancient paintings that depict the region’s wildlife – from scavenging hyenas to roving herds of buffalo.