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Boat Rides in Golden Triangle

Junctions where three streets meet are common enough. Junctions where three cities meet are somewhat rare. However junctions where three countries meet is indeed a find! The Golden Triangle of Thailand greets Laos, Myanmar and Thailand on each of her shores.

This wonderfully created place of charm holds yet another reason for significance for the locals. This is where the Mekong (Mae Khong) river meets the Ruak River and hence is called the Sop Ruak by the locals. These two magnificent rivers, Mekong and Ruak, form the boundary between the three countries of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.

The area of the Golden Triangle was once famous for the growing of opium. The Hall of Opium, located in the Golden Triangle, still provide edutainment by exhibiting details of the history of opium, having a small opium plantation, while also providing details of the effects of smoking opium.

A boat ride in Golden Triangle can take you to a small island called Don Sao, which belongs to Loas. Since visa is not required to Laos to enter this island, you would not want to miss an opportunity to claim a visit to yet another country on your trip.

The boat rides will take you on a mesmerising journey from Sop Ruak on the Mekong River to Chiang Saen which will take approximately half an hour and a longer trip to Chiang Khong which takes close to one and a half hours. On this journey one will not only see marvels of nature, but also marvels carved out by the hand of man, in a giant golden Buddha on a ship, elephant statues and shrines dedicated to the royal family.

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