Bird Watching in Anawilundawa

Anawilundawa found near Puttalam is one of Sri Lanka’s wetland sanctuaries that afford plenty of space for nature lovers to encounter numerous species of birds. Home to both migratory and native birds, the area can easily be reached by staying at one of the Negombo hotels nearby. Jetwing Beach which is one of the most sought after of Sri Lanka beach hotels would be a good place to consider staying at during your travels.

The rich ecosystem of Anawilundawa comprises of an assortment of canals, marshes, grasslands, home gardens, beaches, mangroves and water gardens that are simply stunning to look at. However it is the species that live amongst these conditions that are worth the visit. The premises is best suited to a host of birds species that call the area home. If one is lucky one could savour the thrills of capturing the Purple Coot walking on water on your camera while the Peasant Tailed Jacana resting near water plants would add to the experience of an outdoor adventure here in Anawilundawa. The Brahminy Kite is another species that you are bound to encounter. Patience must be your forte in wanting to see a majority of these birds who reside here for it will be a stunning display of colour all at once.


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