Best desert safaris in Doha

Doha is a sand dune full of thrills to enjoy! Be it conquering a rip-roaring four-wheel drive in the desert or an unforgettable camel ride, there is just so much to do. Here are a few exciting things to do on your safari.

Image credit- Unsplash,Haris khan,CC0

Camel riding

Camels are quite laid-back creatures and what is a desert without the elegant line of camels walking across? Arrange a ride during your desert safari for the experience of a lifetime.

Dune bashing

This is the adventure you’ve been waiting for! Hop on a safari jeep and prepare for a roller-coaster ride on the dunes. Resorts such as Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli can help organise this experience. You might just have to hit a spa in Doha Qatar after your adventures to relieve your tiredness.


Slide down the dunes of fine sand, but don’t scream in excitement unless you don’t mind getting sand in your mouth! This is something you definitely must try.

Visit the inland sea

Khor Al Adaid is just 60 km away from Doha and is a UNESCO Natural Reserve. The dunes gradually part into a sea and the views here are amazing.