Diving In The Maldives

There is no doubt that Maldives contains some of the finest diving spots in the world and scuba diving is a highly popular activity on the island. The warm waters off the island’s coast are home to an amazing variety of aquatic life and provide a rich and rewarding experience. While one is guaranteed to come across numerous colourful creatures while diving, different diving spots host different marine fauna. So when choosing one’s diving spot it is always best to keep in mind the types of fish one wishes to see.

Although small colourful fish are fascinating in their own way most people wish to see the large fish such as the whale shark. The Ari Atoll is a terrific place to not only spot whale sharks but also other shark species such as the hammerhead shark, the grey reef shark and the white tip shark. It is also home to a sizeable manta ray population. It is also possible to see sharks at the Vaavu Atoll but they are not as common a sight as they are in the Ari Atoll. However, Fotteyo Kandu, considered by many to be the country’s best diving spot, is a part of this atoll. It contains quick currents, a variety of fish such as barracuda and tuna, and a series of exciting underwater caves that can be explored.

Some of the first diving scuba diving spots were discovered in the North Male Atoll and they remain popular to this day. Known for their awe inspiring underwater topography, the most popular spots are Kuda Haa and Banana Reef. While there is no particular diving season, the active period runs from November to May. The period between April and June maybe the warmest in the calendar, but they are also best time to observe whale sharks and manta rays.

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side at Sanur’s Bali Marine Walk

Littered with breathtaking beaches and crystal blue ocean vistas the island paradise of Bali is the stuff of dreams for holidaymakers around the world. Frequented by beach lovers and avid divers alike what lies above the surface in this palm tree infested beach Mecca is believed to rival what lies beneath. Although the experience of diving underwater has been reserved for seasoned divers and scuba divers in most tourist hubs, visitors to Bali need only venture down to the western region of Lembongan Island to take a walk on the wild side to explore Bali’s marine heritage.

Tipped to be one of the must-have experiences for marine life enthusiasts and novices alike no tour of Bali would be compete without taking a walk on its sea bed courtesy of the Bali Marine Walk in Sanur. Visitors need virtually no specialized skills to take part in the adventure and need not even be experienced swimmers to explore the sea floor of Sanur in its unbridled magical splendor.

The tour begins at Sindhu Beach in Sanur where a speed boat transports groups of travellers to Lembongan Island in a cruise that takes a mere 30 minutes. Once guests arrive at the island they can don the specially designed underwater helmets that supply a steady flow of oxygen to marine walkers from a scuba tank on board the boat. Cushioned for extra comfort and enabled with defogging technology the helmets offer visitors unhindered views of the sea bed and its multitude of fish species.

Stepping down the ladder at the boat’s side diving experts guide the guests on their 6m decent in to the underwater world of Bali’s ocean floor where underwater gardens and coral reefs are within arm’s length. Visitors are then handed fish food cans to feed the fishes and attract the multi-colored marine life beneath to one’s personal space. Flocking to the marine walkers the fish will happily frolic and feed on the grub while the tour guides snap keepsake photographs as souvenirs. The marine walkers remain submerged for a total of 15 minutes before heading up the ladder to the boat and then on to the island where they engage in bicycle tours of the villages in the area, experience seaweed farms and enjoy traditional Indonesian cuisine from the island restaurants.

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Enjoying the scenery

Being a string of islands sailing and fishing has been an important part of the lives of the Maldivian people for a very long time. Sailing is also one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the islands and fishing is still an important economic activity in the Maldives.

Maldivians still use the traditional dhonis for fishing, quite a few of which are motorized now. The boat carries a crew of about eight. At the start of day the fishermen will first catch their live bait of small scad, silverside and sardine. The bait is put in the bait hold and kept alive until a school of tuna is sighted. The bait is then thrown overboard getting the shoal to move closer after which the fishermen will throw in their lines. Once the bait runs out or the fish stop biting, they will move on to the next shoal.

Night fishing expeditions are popular with visitors. Boats takes off before nightfall and anchor on a reef. Lines tethered with hooks and sinkers are dropped overboard and everyone waits for the fish to bite. If anything is caught it can be barbequed over an open flame and if not, everyone can enjoy the peace and beauty of a starry night.

Big game fishing takes place in the mornings. It involves trolling outside the atoll along the reef. Yellow fin tuna, Barracuda, Wahoo, Sail fish and Dorado are some of the fish caught this way. Specially equipped boat charters are available for fishing enthusiasts who are after a fishing adventure. Secluded rarely fished areas can be reached by chartered boats where the whole family can enjoy the experience.

Cruising on traditional boats or luxuriously outfitted modern boats is the best way to experience the beauty of the Maldives. Island hopping to see traditional Maldivian fishing villages, sailing past desert islands, snorkeling on reefs teeming with fish and sunsets picnics on a deserted beach are all popular and sometimes romantic ways to experience the Maldives.

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Tian Tan Buddha

Lord Buddha was born an ordinary man, and his long path towards enlightenment overcoming all desires and materialistic feelings makes him an honoured figure among the many that follow his philosophy as Buddhists. All over the world Buddhists honour statues of the Buddha, and worship them with utmost loyalty. These statues are made in various sizes, from small ones ideal for the home to large creations that travellers cross borders to see. One of the finest Buddha statues in the world is seen in Hong Kong, and is said to be one of the most loved attractions among the sites frequented by visitors to the city.

The Tian Tan Buddha is located opposite the Po Lin monastery on the island of Lantau. Though it is not the tallest of all Buddha statues in a seating posture, as there are a few taller, it is the tallest of its kind made up of copper, standing at a height of 43 metres. The construction of the Tian Tan Buddha took approximately a decade of hard work and wise engineering, and the finished product is well worth it; it was open to the public for the first time in 1993. For visitors, reaching the site itself is an achievement as there are 268 stairs to climb in order to reach the top. It is best to visit on a clear day, as from the top the view of the surroundings is nothing short of breathtaking.

It is admirable how much precise details the statue consists of, and the various physical marks that are said to have been unique to the Buddha are visible here. Every detail has been made with care by those who built the structure and this is reflected in the magnificence of the site. While some may prefer to visit the site during special religious celebrations where they can watch the rituals performed by worshipers, others will prefer to visit on days where there is less of a crowd on site. Regardless of when they visit those who stop over here are expected to act and behave appropriately to maintain the sanctity of the place of worship. There are many other attractions around the Tian Tan Buddha as well as places to eat and it is a place that must be visited when in Hong Kong.

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