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Atoll Surf in Maldives

Despite being small in size the Maldives islands are one of the most sought after and popular tourist destinations in the world, among holiday makers who want a getaway in closest place there is to heaven on earth. Surrounded by the breathtakingly blue waters of the Indian Ocean visitors will enjoy a vacation centered on sun, and the sea. Many of the country’s visitors enjoy basking in the magnificence around them by spending their vacation relaxing, but for others the perfect vacation entails action and excitement, and of this too there is no shortage in the Maldives. The ocean provides visitors with a range of options for water sports for an excitement filled vacation.

In the still waters visitors will enjoy canoeing, diving and snorkeling, where they can enjoy the beauty of their surroundings and the magical underwater world. But for those who want something more fast paced and action packed Atoll Surfing will be an ideal option. There are three different areas that surfers will enjoy around the Maldives islands, namely the Male atolls, Central Atolls and the South Atolls. Within these areas there are hundreds of spots where surfers head over to and enjoy action packed hours in the sun. Some of these surfing sites have to be accessed by boat adding more adventure to the journey as surfers have to find the ideal spot that suites them.

Though there are water activities to partake in all year long, the season for surfing starts in March and ends in November, yet it is at its peak between April and October. There are areas that suit all levels of surfers, from the beginners and intermediate levels to those that are best for advanced surfers. Some of the best loved of these spots are Chickens which is located near an uninhabited island, Cokes, and Lohi’s. There are many groups and companies that surfers can contact to provide all that is needed to find the perfect site for them. It is a great way for those who want to try something new to spend time during a scenic holiday to the beautiful island nation.

Excitement isn’t all that visitors will be looking for during their vacation, and anyone would enjoy indulging in the luxury of Maldives spa resorts. The tranquil Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas are a fine choice among Maldives resorts, for visitors who want an unforgettable experience.