Adventurous Wildlife in Sri Lanka -A world in a drop of land

Sri Lanka, a tiny island that is gigantic in terms of its wildlife diversity, is located in the Indian Ocean. The topography of Sri Lanka is such that it is home to a wide range of habitats, ranging from tropical rain forests to plains and tundra. This diversity has made contributed towards making the island one of the declared biodiversity hotspots, and a favourite among wildlife watching countries in the region.

Wildlife Srilanka | srilanka miracle tours |
Wildlife Srilanka | srilanka miracle tours |

The scope for adventurous wildlife that is present in the country has been identified by the tourist board and other official bodies, so much that there is a multitude of reservations, safaris, national parks and protected zones that provide the opportunity for experiencing wildlife. Even the most casual and uninterested visitor to the island will be in awe of the giant elephants that roam in herds, the enormous whales that frequent the coast of the island, leopards that are common but rarely seen, dolphins that follow as one streams through the crystal blue waters, thousands of birds – both indigenous and migrant, just like the visitor – and schools of fish that have made the colourful coral reefs of Sri Lankan coast their home. In addition to the country’s authorities, there is another important party that organizes wildlife adventures in Sri Lanka. Hotels, such as Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, among others, are aware of the novelty that the wildlife offers to the visitor, and have many activities lined up. Some hotels offer camping to safaris to in-house wildlife gardens that allow the visitor to immerse themselves in a truly unique experience.

If Sri Lanka happens to be on your list of places to visit, don’t forget that among the beaches and mountains of the island, there exists a tremendous wildlife, preserved in its isolation, diverse in its grandeur and welcoming in the style of its human co-habitants awaiting to render you speechless with their beauty.

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