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Adventure Travel in Dubai

Part of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is situated on the Arabian Peninsula and is a city that offers a truly unforgettable holiday for the entire family. Steeped in history, this emirate is home to stunning natural landscapes including the beautifully stark desert which provides the ideal backdrop for an Arabian getaway. Apart from cultural attractions and historical monuments, the city is also well known for offering exciting outdoor excursions and adventure travel in Dubai offers a memorable experience for thrill seekers.

Embarking on a desert safari is one of the best adventures available for outdoor enthusiasts. Set amidst mile upon mile of rolling sand dunes, such safaris also give you a chance to engage in such novel activities as dune bashing and sand boarding. Exploring the desert in a 4×4 vehicle is the most popular choice when it comes to such excursions, though for a truly unique experience you can even try a safari as you sit atop a camel!

Even though the desert seems barren and inhospitable for life, in actual fact it supports a wide range of flora and fauna. Nature lovers will find plenty of adventures available to them in Dubai and can even visit the region’s wetlands which are home to varied wildlife including migrating birds. Dubai Creek which features mangroves is one such area worth visiting and has viewing stations where one may catch a glimpse of such species as white egrets, Caspian terns and flamingos.

Not to be missed is a visit to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve which apart from giving you the chance to view wildlife in the desert, also provides a variety of outdoor excursions including camel treks, horse riding, archery, falconry, dune driving and camping.

Dubai also offers plenty of water based adventures. The nearby Gulf of Oman is a great place for snorkelling and diving as is Snoopy Island which is surrounded by a thriving coral reef home to many tropical fish. Surfing enthusiasts can also indulge in their favourite pastime by heading to the Dubai Creek.

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