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Adventure Hiking in Sigiriya

Everyone visiting Sri Lanka would have heard of the legendary Sigiriya. It is the name that promotes this nation for it holds evidence of some of the greatest minds that belonged to the forefathers of this nation. Sigiriya is the city of the Lions Rock. It is a fortress for the kings of that era; a fortress with the most breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset; a fortress that portrays spectacular engineering, far advanced for the people of the time. Sigiriya is one location where you can bask in everything beautiful about Sri Lanka; the breathtaking scenery and the deep rooted history.

In addition to the lion’s rock, Sigiriya is haven for the adventure lover. Of late it has become a popular destination for those interested in trekking and hiking. Sigiriya is very raw and authentic. It has a collection of amazing flora and fauna untouched by urban development. Most of the Sigiriya hiking tours takes roughly 2 days. Some packages even afford a place to stay and part of the hiking is all about getting to that location. A popular tour team has put together a tree house at Thalkote Wewa. The Sigiriya hike starts adjoining the mighty rock and leads to the tree house. The trek takes roughly 3 hours and is a pathway adorned with bliss all the way. Get kissed by the sun and pampered by natures finest all the way to your destination. Along the way you will meet jungle patches, Chaina cultivations, paddy fields and finally the exotic Thalkota Wewa, all excellent places to enjoy nature. The tour goes on to the tree house where you can taste a typical Lankan lunch and enjoy village performances etc. By evening you can take a dip into the lake or enjoy a leisure walk at the vicinity. Conclude your package with a BBQ dinner, stay overnight at the tree house along with nature and depart after breakfast. All in all you would have enjoyed an excellent day out with nature.

For many staying at a hotel in Sigiriya is also an excellent option. There are many excellent hotels Sigiriya proudly boasts of. The view and the location makes the hotel Sigiriya has the finest in the country.