Disneyland Hong Kong

A day well spent in Disneyland Hong Kong

Reputed for being the most charming of castle parks, Disneyland Hong Kong is where families & friends commune for one fulfilling and exciting time. This is how you can spend a day at this attraction.

Go on Journeys with Duffy

Kick things off with Main Street Cinema’s extravaganza titled ‘My Journeys with Duffy.’ Eagerly await opportunities to not just shake hands with Duffy the Bear but his best friends too. Namely, Gelatoni, StellaLou, ShellieMay and Cookie. In fact, you can watch in awe as Cookie the puppy cooks cotton candy waffle sandwiches.

Join in Flights of Fantasy

Mixing traditional floats, dizzying acrobatic performances with a seemingly endless splash of colour and festive cheer, the Flights of Fantasy is a daytime parade that you must make every effort to catch. Although, you will be found standing in the sun, the scene of Mickey’s Balloon float leisurely cruising the street will be enough motivation to keep your spirits up.

Embark on the Jungle River Cruise

Disneyland Hong Kong
Image via Wikimedia Commons – Deror_avi, Disneyland Hong Kong – Main Street USA IMG 5514, CC BY-SA 3.0

Set off on a weathered tramp steamer under the care of your faithful skipper through murky waters, leaving civilisations behind en route to reaching a tropical jungle outpost as part of this 8-minute ride. As the boat snakes its way through thick jungle, you will catch fleeting glimpses of ancient pillars and architecture that will act as a prelude to what lies ahead. Encounter wading hippos, giant spiders, a pool of playful elephants and mischievous gorillas as you listen to your captain’s detailed narrations.

Have a feast at Explorer’s Club Restaurant

With a series of bay sections that serve wholesome and flavourful fare from across the world, visitors can opt for the Flavours of Japan, Indonesian Spice before casting longing eyes on Korean Treasures and Southeast Asian Delights that are found at Explorer’s Club Restaurant. Looking for a budget hotel in Hong Kong from where you may reach Disneyland Hong Kong? Then stay at Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong.