A Boat Ride in Hamilton Canal

The Hamilton Canal – commonly referred to as the Dutch Canal – connect Colombo with Puttalam. A boat ride along it will let you see some of the best sights in the region and it can be an enthralling experience overall.

The Canal’s History

The Hamilton Canal is said to have been constructed during colonial times – specifically when the Dutch were ruling Sri Lanka’s maritime provinces. Named after then governor, Gavin Hamilton, the canal was an important supply route for the Europeans.

Sahan177Sunsets at negombo lagoonCC BY-SA 4.0

Natural Sights

Tourists and travellers can take a tour along the canal either via bicycle or by boat. Taking the boat is preferable as you’ll be able to travel a lot further and see a myriad of stunning natural sights. These include a quaint lagoon that leads to the sea as well as the verdant expanses of the Muthurajawela Marsh.

Keep an Eye on the Wildlife

You might be perusing the hotel offers Sri Lanka has available – such as the ones offered by Heritance Negombo – in order to find a tour that will let you see the island’s wildlife. This isn’t always necessary, however, as you can plenty of endemic species via a boat ride along the canal alone. As you reach the marshlands, keep your eyes peeled for mugger crocodiles, rock pythons and a host of water birds.

The Cityscape

Nature and the wildlife aren’t the only things you’ll be saying as you cruise along the canals. You’ll also be witnessing the inner workings of Colombo and Puttalam. From tireless vendors promoting their stock to labourers taking a break and sipping some beer – it’s a wonderful way to experience the local culture.