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Nature & Wild Life Activities in Abu Dhabi

Explore the wild side of Sir Bani Yas by indulging in a 4×4 Nature and Wild Life excursion specially organized by one of the finest Abu Dhabi Beach hotelsDesert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara. Book a 4 hour tour and explore nature to your heart’s content. The hotel also provides its guest with learned guides who are more than happy to share all sorts of interesting information about this fascinating natural island.

The Sir Bani Yas Island is located some 100kms south west of Abu Dhabi and makes the largest natural island in the United Arab Emirates. The unparalleled scenic appeal and rich array of flora and fauna makes Sir Bani Yas extremely popular with the tourists. Infact the wild life reserve in Sir Bani Yas is the islands biggest attraction. Established in 1971, the reserve has blossomed into a successful wild life sanctuary that is today home to 1000s of large, free roaming animals and a number of rare species of plants. In addition to the wildlife reserve the park houses an interesting bird sanctuary as well, altogether occupying over half of Sir Bani Yas Island.

Some of the interesting species found in Sir Bani Yas includes the Arabian Oryx, Gazelles, Deers, giraffes and even dolphins and sea turtles. The Arabian Oryx is particularly fascinating as it is one species that has been completely extinct in the wild but in this sanctuary the world’s largest herd of Arabian Oryx can be found. The Bird sanctuary of the Park is home to a number of wild birds, some of which are even indigenous to the island.

Like everything else in the Emirates the park goes all out in ensuring its guests have an excellent time here. Nature is showcased in this reserve through a number of interesting activities such as safaris, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and snorkeling. The Sir Bani Yas gives you the finest experience that you could have with the Wild life of the Emirates.

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