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Why Renting a Car is better than Traveling by Taxi


There’s a great deal of freedom when it comes to driving oneself. Not everyone might feel the same way, and sometimes having a vehicle with or without a driver, a good one at least, can make life much easier.



Look Cool and Professional

There’s definitely a sense of prestige about driving around, and it’ll definitely add a bit of status to your entrance. If you rent one that is chauffeur-driven, the cars are generally classier models as well, from brands such as Mercedes Benz or BMW.


Anyone who drives would be intimately acquainted with the hassle that involves procuring a parking space. If you’re late for a meeting or date, finding a parking space would add an extra 10-15 minutes. But, driving yourself also means you can leave earlier, and not wait for the taxi to find the way to your pick-up location.


If you’re going on a trip to say, Sri Lanka, there are many services where you can take care of car rental. Sri Lanka is a place with some serious traffic, which is more reason to utilise an entity like Casons Rent a Car Sri Lanka.

Local Knowledge

Probably the best advantage of having a driver or driving yourself around is the fact that you will get to know the entire area and would easily take navigate yourself anywhere you’d be interested in visiting. Having a car and GPS means that your chances of getting lost and losing precious time are minimal.

Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers. Google+