Victoria Nature Treks

Seek the bounty of treasures within these vistas of different shades of green by following the nature trails to delight your nature lover instincts.

Trail | Img via Unsplash

Crown jewel of Mahaweli

Offering an amazing view, the Victoria Dam and reservoir are indeed precious to the island providing the largest hydropower generation to the nation, the environs of this beautiful water body is a nature lovers delight and a favourite site to visit from your hotel in Kandy Sri Lanka.

Inviting fauna and flora

The trekking spaces are home to a variety of wildlife inviting you to catch a glimpse of them. Three distinct species of deer, a plethora of mongooses, over a hundred different species of avifauna, the porcupines and the master anglers, the fishing cats to name a few.

Araliya Trail

Soak in the beauty of the environs of the Victoria Golf Course, not too far from Hunas Falls Hotel Kandy. Try this short trek of roughly two hours. Trek on the outer ring of the golf course into a smaller forest area, emerge to a clearing featuring a viewpoint named “Araliya Deck”. Gaze at the panoramic view.

Mahaweli Trail

A longer trail up to three hours along a river branch of the reservoir. Listen to the gurgling of water, the rustle of the leaves, birds chirping and to crown this tranquil atmosphere, a view of wildlife to feast your eyes.