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Trekking On Dunes

Mountains, Sun and Sand. The best way to completely enjoy and be a part of the picturesque and unique topography of Arabia and its breath-taking mountain landscape is to go on a trekking trip in Oman. Throwing in a liberal dash of sand dunes, a sprinkling of wadi walks, a pinch of mountain trekking and a smattering of beach walks, Oman concocts the perfect adventure blend for the visitor, making trekking on dunes one of the key attractions in Oman.
Oman sits in the comfortable seclusion with some of the world’s oldest rocks that date back over 800 million years. With an enchanting enigma of natural beauty, there is much to do in terms of dune trekking in Oman. If you want to truly experience the desert in all its glory, look for hotels such as the Desert Night Camp as they offer an authentic experience. Not only will you be able to walk along sandy dunes with its spontaneous sand art courtesy of Middle Eastern wind, but you will be able to stroll through ancient mountains and happen across wild wadi walks with their miles and miles of unspoiled, untouched sands.
One unique feature of sandy dune trekking is its changing topography that keeps you engaged throughout. One minute you may be hiking down sandy wadis and next minute stumbling on stunning sand dunes. Providing rest to your weary eyes during this adventure are beautiful canyons, wild wadis and obligatory oasis that you will not be able to forget. Limestone canyons, mountains that resemble rugged and used table-tops, ranges of rocks that speak of a history untold, desert with its uniform but varied nature, and the unexpected wildness that you will stumble upon, all contribute to making trekking on dunes in Oman the perfect activity for trekking enthusiast.

Trekking on Dunes
Trekking on Dunes

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